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Do you travel?

YEP! My passport is valid & my camera bag is always packed!

How do I get my pictures?

High resolution images && web-ready images for Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Are all of your photos edited?

Yes! No one wants to see dirty RAW images.

Are you insured?


Is this your real job?

Its my favorite job in the entire world!

Do you have a 2nd shooter?

Not necessarily. I'm 100% confidant that I can get the job done with just myself, unless I feel the need to bring another shooter because of all the details involved will I do so.

Do you work with a videographer?

Yep! He's awesome! Seventh Ray Films if you want to check out his work too.

Turn-around time is..?

My turn-around time is 3 weeks during non busy seasons (December-March) Busy season can take up to 6 weeks to have photos returned. (April-November)

Print vs No Print?

Definitely Print!

Backup gear?


Camera Style?

Canon & Prime.

How long will you stay at an event?

Up to 12 hours, no more. My feet will be crying by the end of the night.

How many hours to you recommend to capture a full wedding story?

I recommend 8-10 hours to capture a full wedding story.

I love capturing all of the details that go into planning this special day of yours, anything less than that I feel like I'm cheating you out on details & no photographer wants to do that!

I absolutely LOVE & GUSH over everything you do, how do I book you?

AHH!! YAYY! Head over to the contact tab & fill out the form & we'll chat soon! xo